How do 6x6 trucks work

30 Mar 2019 For a truck of its size, this 6X6 surprisingly weighs 6,040 pounds. I'll need to sleeve the Sakura gear to the HG shaft but the rest should fit and work ok. Reo built about 200 of these trucks, and a handful have survived. Whether you're a concrete contractor, a plumber, or a homebuilder, you need the capability of a truck to ensure you're working as efficiently as possible. rpf\common\data 3. Let the Edmunds experts help with our list of the best Israel produced their own version of the Power Wagon, Weapons Carrier, and D-series trucks. Every used car for sale comes with a free CARFAX Report. As with any wall you need to take care of the water problem/sif you don't do that forget it, I don't care how well you build it, its coming down. SmithCo DTM-70 56-yard offroad side dump trailers are built for extreme duty. Jack may slip, causing vehicle to fall Alibaba. One of the most important items to work on was the four point torsion free mounting Whether you're looking for one truck or thirty, our highly trained and specialized fleet truck experts will work with you to find the perfect solutions to fit your needs. We sell Army 6x6 military trucks. Find Military Vehicles on GovLiquidation! See more Like happens so many times to good ideas, what began as a hobby became a business for Matt Speed. On construction  24 Jul 2019 We blame the Mercedes-AMG G63 6x6 for this. LET’S GET TO WORK. Com Mobile 6x6 trucks for sale Army trucks for sale 2 1/2 ton 6x6 Truck M34/M44 series Used military vehicles for sale M1078 2. Edit dlc list from update\update. The trucks were used to replace the Magirus-Deutz 120D7  Over the years, this “TATRA vehicle concept” has been developed in order to gain the torsion rods for versions with a single steered front axle (4x4 and 6x6);   Fuso commercial trucks deliver better fuel economy than many other work trucks, FUSO trucks will change the way you think about keeping your business   21 Feb 2019 For many years after World War II, you could see these trucks working all over the world in every type of job you can imagine, often adapted in  LESU Metal Axles B Differential Locks 1/14 RC 6X6 Tractor Truck Tmy Model We'll help you to work out whether it's worth paying extra for a high-end version  25 Jun 2019 Acela works with both 4x4 LMTV and 6x6 MTV trucks, sourcing only A1 variants so they can use the CAN bus to identify the exact mileage and  The steering arrangement of a 6x6 off-road military vehicle was investigated, with the aim to . I'd love a 3/4 ton truck with a 6x6 conversion as a base platform for an expedition rig. New We ask that above all, that you keep in mind that we are building people potential survival/rescue trucks for a really nasty dark day. Most beasts get taller with lift kits. From the versatile and efficient Colorado, to the strong and advanced all-new Silverado and the legendary capability of Silverado HD, if you’ve got a tough job to do, there’s a Chevy truck that’s ready to do it. For sale 1980 Military AM General 6x6 Deuce and Half Year : 1980 6x6 5 Ton Military M813A1 truck for sale Operates Manual Tires and Spare Good Condition. Reply Delete Fire Truck Mall has the largest selection of Used ARFF, Airport Crash Trucks in the USA. The 5‑ton 6x6 truck, officially "Truck, 5‑ton, 6x6", was a class of heavy-duty trucks used by the US Armed Forces. Is there somebody here that can explain the mechanics of the military multi-fuel engines like the ones used in the surplus 6x6 trucks? What different fuels can they use? How do they overcome different compression ratio needs of different fuels? Posted Via AR15. We've had this truck for a little over 6 years. Other than that great work - hope to see IMT Mechanics Trucks. Please click here to see my M923, M925, M923A1, M923A2 and M923A2 6x6 trucks, M939 series truck parts, diesel generators, and other military surplus that I have available, determine if there’s anything that interests you, and contact me so I can load the item onto my eBay account. It's been awhile since we updated this thread but there have been a few things going on, so here we go. 3L C series turbocharged Diesel engine equipped with inline mechanical Bosch fuel pump for ultimate durability. this is because it is designed to pass some exhaust gas through  26 Feb 2019 Kenworth To Showcase Six Vocational Trucks at The Work Truck Show The Kenworth lineup is led by the Kenworth T370 6x6 Valew Water  This flat box trailer was designed in the '70s and is available in 6x4, 6x6 and 6x2 axle configurations. We took a really nice blend from what we were hearing,” says Zaharie about the new workspace layout. Military surplus vehicles, army trucks, tanks and parts, including used 4x4 and 6x6 military trucks, deuce and a half, military wreckers and crane trucks. Next to them is the youngster in the group a 1968 6x6 REO truck and then three 1943 GMC trucks. com Fire Truck Mall has the largest selection of Used European Style Units in the USA. Edit: I'm sure most Hennessy 6x6's aren't being used this way though. Arctic Trucks have engineered specialist 4x4 and 6x6 vehicles for professionals who require ultimate mobility. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or Find reviews on the latest truck models and more here at Popular Mechanics. You'll also receive updates when we add used fire trucks to our inventory that match your needs! Find Used Fire Trucks Now Browse our inventory of new and used Heavy Duty Trucks For Sale at TruckPaper. Certified and Work Ready Bucket Trucks For Sale! Quality Used Bucket. Is the Hennessey VelociRaptor 6×6 your dream truck, or would you rather have the Ford F-150 Raptor 4×4? The Hennessey VelociRaptor 6×6 made its public debut at this week’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas and as you might expect, it is one of the most extreme Ford trucks ever. their designed to work with the stock axle housing. good power, handle pretty well, and get around great. It is in Good Running Driving Condition. CommercialTruckTrader. was also thinking about getting a small transfer case on the front rear axle, similar to what comes on some 6x6 Volvos, but a triple output transfer case should be a "cleaner" solution. Heavy spec 18k front and 44k rear tandem with double reduction Rockwell axles. ive driven a few 5 tons in the fire service. The engine is a GMC model 302, 6 cyl, in-line 301. However, one thing holds true: It is a fun thing to drive and hugely capable in the right Construction Trucks Are Available Today - At Rock & Dirt. The M939s are general-purpose military vehicles, primarily designed for tactical, off-road use, with a top speed of 65 mph. Nyala RG-12 MK2 Total Kilometers:3540 (2100 original miles) The Ultimate armored vehicle for personal protection. 5 t according to vehicle version, and the  Results 1 - 48 of 1223 Many dump trucks are added daily including single axle, tandem There are a few 6x6 trucks over here and they work very well in the . We have a large selection of utility trucks for sale that can go to work for you immediately. VOLVO. Browse By Category 6x6, Automatic, Altec AM55 Over Center Boom, CA Truck! 17 photos. Surplus Military Trucks Sale – military 2. This truck has been fully reconditioned and is ready to be put to work! $22,500. If your country is not in this list contact one of our sales representatives. when your stuck, your STUCK! winches available on a lot of them. 5 TON 6X6 DUMP TRUCK M51/M817/M929 MILITARY TRUCKS #3332Md. The hope is a back flip, nerves permitting! Using the wheels on a 6x6 could be fun if there is clearance. And no doubt, there’s an emergency service or two that could do with a vehicle like this. It is for Bob Eggar, who runs The Pumpkin Patch, a produce farm on an Conversions. WITH A LITTLE PLANNING AND A LOT OF WORK OUR RIG WILL BE   6X4 / 6X6 RIGID. Although a glow plug is sometimes needed for starting a cold engine it is not a spark plug and therefore “For severe duty applications where the ultimate in traction is required, our new configuration is a welcomed spec,” said Kurt Swihart, Kenworth marketing director. As it says it has 6 wheels and power goes to all 6 of them with 2 axles at the rear and one in the front When more traction is required at the rear wheels ,we 5 ton Cargo Trucks for Sale Buy and sell 5 ton Cargo Trucks in GovPlanet's weekly auctions. 5. Watch the Video Watch the Video Check out the extensive Ram truck lineup. I guess one may need it only if one is say, a Nat Geo photographer, habitually driving the terrain less traversed! Acela’s Monterra 4x4 and 6x6 cab-over-engine trucks are from the U. M931A2 in Michigan Another Army 6x6 LLC at work! M931A2 in Michigan pulling a 65,000lb $1. This my attempt to try and make the Iveco Trakker 6x6 truck for NATO using the Zamak truck as a base. Arctic Trucks engineer specialist vehicles for rescue services, utilities, telecoms providers and NGO’s across the globe. com since 1998 Or are you a trader and do you wish to offer your used army vehicles for sale yourself? Dozens of new trucks, jeeps and other vehicles are added to our website and traded. North of Atlanta is refurbishing and customizing them for others. The TGS 6x6 is perfectly suited for a range of off-road applications. of fire and the blacksmith of gods, started to work together with his helpers,"  Nov 11, 2018 What do you get when you combine a MAN TGS 6x6 truck, two . The Wheel cylinders rust up and the brakes either leak fluid or don't work at all. Penske sells a variety of well-maintained vans, trucks, tractors and semi-trailers. Drop dloader_6x6 folder to update\x64\dlcpacks 2. military was well as a few from other countries. 1 t to 11. With hundreds of parts and fully assembled machines, TruckPlanet offers you excellent choice. add this line to dlcpacks:dlcpacks:\dloader_6x6\ 4. Mercedes-Benz has released European pricing for the G63 AMG 6x6 for its second year of production. com. 6x6 walls will work if built properly. 6x6 Trucks For Sale. Page 1 of 1. Ford Super Duty ® F-550 is the winner of Work Truck Magazine’s Commercial Truck of the Year award. MONTERRA 6x6. Dump trucks » 2012 Caterpillar 740 B EJ EJECTOR TRUCK 6X6 740 B EJ EJECTOR TRUCK 6X6 in Andelst, Netherlands Retarder, Tailgate, and side boards , New Paint, 29 Daimler Trucks Project Case Study: Automotive. That one looks pretty solid. Hennessey Velociraptor 6×6 concept 600+ hp. The Cabin Pysics for all trucks are softer. Read our coverage of the 2010 King of the Hammers racing event brought to you by the automotive experts at Automobile Magazine online. Penske Used Trucks by Type. Cummins 8. Find more of what you love on eBay stores! Don't see the used fire trucks for sale you need in our inventory? Let us know what you are looking for and our team will find the truck you need through our connections with other dealers. Chevy trucks have been helping people get things done for over 100 years. Classics on Autotrader has listings for new and used Dodge Classic Trucks for sale near you. It is sad. Seen european ones, too. I don't know the numbers though. As for tires, we finally gave up on the rotten Vietnam war surplus rubber and bought a new set of kicks for one of the trucks from an outlet for Denman Tire. Six-wheel drive (6WD or 6×6) is an all-wheel drive drivetrain configuration of three axles with at least two wheels on each axle capable of being driven simultaneously by the vehicle's engine. When the ¾ ton 4x4 was modified into the 1½ ton 6x6, Dodge added a two-speed transfer case for lower gearing. In a short period time, you can find all the most recent news of every happening in many sites. @M35A2 , @lindsey97, @Armytruck6x6 Stan writes: "I plan to do alot of safaris with this truck. Explore our pickup trucks, cargo vans, commercial vehicles, and special edition models. A tipper body is for road use, while a dump truck is for off-road construction sites. 6 cu in, 130 hp gasoline engine. The body is equipped with a three way tailgate and cab protector. AM General made a lot of them for the gub'mint. These improvements include a hydraulic powered front winch, an automatic transmission, complete air brake system, a 3-member crew cab, and a more efficient power steering system and electrical system. 5 ton 4x4 LMTV Well since posting this I have done lots of work to this 6x6 and all of my RC4WD vehicles. how does it work? The 6x6 Scrambler I have seen in magazines over the last few years (first red, now green) uses a modified T-case similar to what was mentioned above. . We do not ever wish to offend, but if you want a truck with video game consoles, a wine cooler, and 65" plasma tv's, you may be on a long waiting list as our priority is setting up good people who wish to take Planet-Trucks. It's not the trucks fault, but lazy ass drivers for the most part. Able to support the beginning of a job by hauling out loose fill from excavation and trenching, the dump truck has earned the reputation as a true workhorse on the jobsite. Mercedes Zetros is a special off-road truck based on standard production line, all-wheel-drive components from the Axor/Actros series. Our Trucks Work Harder so you Don't have to The Monterra 6x6 is also available in a Tractor model allowing for easy hauling in and over  Oshkosh Equipment - 6x6 & 8X8 Military Cargo Trucks. . Army 6x6 LLC specializes in conventional style cab configured M35, M809 and M939 series 6x6 trucks. Meet the utterly unnecessary and batshit-fabulous Trecol 39294 6×6. Fresh Rebuild M923a2 6x6 Cargo Truck. GET IT SHIPPED Free Auto Shipping Quote: 1953 Kaiser M35A2 Deuce and half two and a half ton 6x6 military truck, this is a true piece of American history and icon to the military, these trucks were used for over 80 years in our nations M35A2 Kaiser Jeep Deuce and half 6x6 truck I am considering the purchase of one to drive in the snow, haul stuff, and use as a SHTF type of deal. Contact us For more information, quotes or job offers please, feel free to contact us . We want one of these. However, the reason our trucks are unstable at speed is because they are so high. We have 169,863 Pickup Trucks for sale that are reported accident free, 125,392 1-Owner cars, and 132,430 personal use cars. New F-600 Adds Weight Capability to F-550 . If we created a lubrication problem, it hasn't shown up yet even though we have worked the trucks pretty hard. Daimler’s new 6x6 workstations are setup in an L-shaped with an AutoStrada ® technology WESTERN STAR 6900 – XD40 OFFROAD 6X6 CARCO MBT-40 Body Options 7 ADD A FIFTH WHEEL, ADD EVEN MORE CAPACITY. The M939 5-ton (10,000lb (4,500 kg)) 6x6 truck is an improved version of the M809 series. The tires, like any other off road or special purpose tires. Shop in Military-6x6-Trucks-Parts- from Northwest Equipment. It's why the T880 is the driver's truck. The basic cargo version was designed to transport a 5-ton (4,500 kg) load over all roads and cross-country terrain in all weather. com is a classified website of used, new or damaged trucks A marketplace between buyers and sellers (buy and sell / leasing) from the truck and haulage business. Need a stout go-anywhere truck for off-road work, and for not a lot of money? An ex-military 6x6 might be just the ticket. fix, cut the hole through Ford Motor Co. 00. buying a dodge challenger srt or rt and need something to drive in the snow. I am prob. This chart includes many of the light trucks utilized by the U. Mercedes-Benz Trucks: Pictures & videos of all models. Rebel type 6 wildland fire apparatus are quick, tough & effective. I could just buy a 4by4 but the safety and durability of a 6x6 and the low cost is very appealing. Welcome to the era of the 6x6 — custom trucks designed to take you anywhere you want to go. 75 gal. Browse our inventory of new and used STEWART & STEVENSON Trucks For Sale near you at TruckPaper. By Evan . Newton dump valves, 18hp waterous pumps, hose beds, drop tanks and ladder racks. Let our experienced military vehicle parts department staff assist you to keep your military 4x4 or 6x6 truck working  28 Mar 2019 Ashok Leyland's FAT 6X6 is a multi-axle, multi-role truck that helps deliver the ammo where it is needed. When your morning commute is a full 10-hour shift, you don't have time for compromises. Truck, 3/4 ton, 4x4 Dodge w/o winch (WC-51), France, 1944. Learn More The Rebel series custom brush trucks are designed to meet your needs. Currently I use a Isuzu NQR and have my heavy equipment delivered. 460 6x6 specifications on LECTURA Specs. 97 liter displacement which develops 428 HP and 2,100 Nm. Make it a really cool work truck with sliding doors to help you access your gear. International SF170 6x6 trucks that sit around a lot are hydraulic brakes. 5 Jul 2019 This truck was developed and designed to do some heavy lifting and work in Russia's arctic regions on any terrain and in any weather. Those who work in the construction industry need their trucks. Rosenbauer’s 4X4, 6X6 and 6X6 HRET vehicles will meet even the most difficult challenges. The M51/M817/M929 5 ton 6x6 dump trucks are built on the 167” wheelbase chassis and equipped with a 5 cubic yard dump body. The 39294 It seems with custom 4x4 show trucks and the people who build them "more" is always better. We did a Lot of Work to this truck, including Many Upgrades and additions. Initial units went to work in the Alberta tar sands region of Canada,  86% of Isuzu commercial vehicles ever sold in America are still registered. External photo link. The fact of the matter is, without one, the other would not have existed, so REMLR decided it was time to follow up the history of these interesting vehicles. This truck has been Fully Reconditioned and is ready to be put to work! New and used trucks for sale. Follow the links below to find out what we're doing near you. The Federal C2's have a wood frame cab, and I knew that the humid Florida climate would ruin the cab in a short time if I kept it outside. About 1% of these are new cars. This Volvo articulated dump truck belongs to the medium sized machine segment in the articulated dump trucks category. Your drivers work long hours, every day, in all types of weather conditions. View Trucks Online Auctions at AuctionTime. While these 6x6 trucks typically feature a Cummins diesel engine, those by BMY often have a turbocharger. With the seemingly limitless number of pickup truck configurations, it can be hard to know where to begin your search for the perfect truck. The VERSA-PRO Bench Seat is engineered as a 40/20/40 bench seat, inspired by modern pick-up trucks. Work done: 2 new Napa batteries, new master cylinder, new steel brake lines, brake system flushed and bled with DOT5, new primary fuel filter, everything greased, all lights, windows and gauges work. Hennessey Performance is offering a You can also find 6x6 trucks with longer wheelbase from MB and other builders. :-) Today, I show you a really special RC Truck, the MERCEDES 6x6 Timber Crane Truck - an awesome piece of hightech for big boys by ScaleART. Speed started out in 2012 restoring a mammoth military surplus truck for his own use, and today his Custom Combat Trucks located in Cornelia, Ga. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers our new leaf springs do come with a complete set of ubolts from bds, but there is a problem. The Rebel series custom brush trucks are designed to meet your needs. This truck has been a dream of mine ever since I saw the first T-Rex unveiled in 1997. We have owned a few older ones (2004 and older) and always liked them. EMET and mining truck, packed with innovative solutions and Details that make a great difference for the drivers' daily work. the last thing you want to do is stretch a ubolt out and force it around an axle tube. Inside, its large, comfortable cab offers drivers high-visibility and operability to expertly tame even the most grueling of worksites. The 2017 Ford Raptor has not yet reached the dealerships, but guys at Hennessey Performance (HPE) in Sealy, TX are already hard at work taking the new Clean used Forestry Bucket Trucks for sale. Chevy Class 4, 5, 6 we are looking for military 6x6 dump trucks, even one with a fifth wheel would work to start out, hopefully 100%complete runnable ones that can be put to work asap, if they had the big super singles that would also be a plus, thanx saul at 460-9400 . If you want a Red, Silver or Pink truck we can do it!!! We also build trucks to order! Browsing for used 6x6 trucks for sale? The best online shopping experience is guaranteed! 1,405 used 6x6 trucks products from 468 used 6x6 trucks suppliers on Alibaba. Ready to roll. At Trucks. Sorry my friends! But I thought the time had come, to do it again. 101 ft Plus Bucket Trucks: These units are designed for electric utility, lighting & sign maintenance and forestry work. S. Version: 0. You can keep your Hummer. Tree trimming bucket trucks and chipper dump trucks, we have a variety of tree service equipment & bucket trucks The Oshkosh Striker 6x6 is the ARFF truck your airport needs. “We see our all-wheel drive T880 being used in oil fields, configured as an off-road crane, in utility and construction work, or used with municipalities and fire/rescue. With an outstanding inventory and top-notch service, we’re your best source for ready-to-work service trucks, Eagle Pro truck bodies and Tiger Cranes. WINNER OF WORK TRUCK MAGAZINE'S 2018 MEDIUM DUTY TRUCK AWARD . Knapheide Mechanics Trucks are complete turnkey packages mechanics need and come to expect in a service truck. For this kind of work, you need to be sure that their equipment can meet the demands. * This includes qualifying new Ford Commercial vehicles such as Ford Transit, E-Series, F-150 or F-250/350 Super Duty ® trucks The M-211 (and M135's) replaced the WW 2 CCKW trucks and were produced from 1952-1957. ARFF Vehicles: Do you protect an airfield? Do you have severe off-road areas that you need to reach? Rosenbauer offers a full line of ARFF vehicles that can traverse even the most treacherous of terrain. Page 1 of 25. Mercedes-Benz Trucks offers the right solution for the light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty truck segments. News Ford Announces 2020 Truck, Van Incentives Purchase or sell your used Army truck on Trucksnl. Why doesn't it work? I was thinking i could do something with the slack adjusters because the brakes might be wore down but I can't see them anywhere. all were diesels. Startracks Trucks is a dealer for 6×6 extreme-duty service trucks that reliably perform. Military Light Trucks. The M809 Family of 5-Ton 6x6 trucks were developed from 1969 to 1982, by Kaiser Jeep who later became AM General with about 92,000 units produced. Add the hard top, cab heater, fully functional CTIS and you have work or play ready monster truck. But driving a 6x6 in rough conditions is a blast compared to the  1 Jul 1997 See how this real 6x6 can handle the most difficult of terrains with 3 ideally suited to handle full-size truck payloads and heavy-duty work  Land Rover 6x6 rear axles setup 6x6 Truck, Pickup Trucks, Portal Axles, Terrain I'm not about this working for a long time, but it woould be an cheeap way to  15 Jan 2014 I think 6x6 Armoured Personnel Carriers are better designed to go off-road! and disadvantages but the enthusiasts like to work with them both. You've never known a truck to work so hard, until you've put your pedal to the metal on a   Why does the military use 6x6 cargo trucks instead of container trucks? They work similar to systems such as Swap Loader used in the  Download scientific diagram | Schematic of the 6x6 truck with the parallel due to a lack of investment in research and development, since much work has been   1 Oct 2018 Dubbed the Hennessey Goliath 6X6 it is built for speed and off-road of a truck appears to be built especially for fighting Houston traffic. Do a search for the military vehicle sites (a few are listed on our own Links Page). To find information which is more specific to your own location, you can navigate to one of our individual market sites. Old retired military guys would pronounce it "six-buh-six". This ultra capable truck is powered by the OM 457 LA engine with six cylinder and 11. com always has the largest selection of New Or Used Commercial Trucks for sale anywhere. In fact I still think they have there place. Examples include road work vehicles, tow trucks, and trucks carrying unusual loads like a house. A 6x6 is an AWD (think military) having one front steering axle with power, and two rear powered axles, with single wheels at each end. Our legendary vocational trucks are recognised for their durability, reliability and The 6x6 may actually smooth things out from the added weight. With unmatched versatility, the Stage 1 or Stage 2 can accommodate an endless variety of service bodies suited to a range of configurations for emergency vehicles, medical clinics, utility trucks, border protection, firefighting environments, and any other extreme terrain application. Able to be equipped with a 50' or 65' Snozzle only adds to it's firefighting capabilities. the answer is 252 because 6x6=36 you do 6x6 again and you get 36 then you do 36x6 which is 216 Acquire fantastic recommendations on work trucks. If this did not have portal axles I would have advised going with a slight toe-in on each axle (F/M/R), but the presence of the portals leaves me unsure of what to do. My 47th Mod Do not edit without permission INSTALLATION Add-On 1. Military light trucks (larger than a jeep but less than 2 1/2 ton rated capacity) are employed for every type of tactical and support mission. There are even some agricultural roles where the Zetros would do well. or in four 3-axle variants: the 2733 A 6x6 with 4,800 mm wheelbase, the 3643 A or 4043 A 6x6 The chassis weight varies from 8. This is a great work Best RC Semi Trucks – Top 5 RC Semi Trucks for Sale [Updated Fall 2019] RC Semi Trucks are exactly what they look like – remote control semi rigs that you can drive around. just a few problems we encountered. Call Tim Huskey direct The trucks really have a bad rap for getting stuck. the brake pedal was frame mounted and the cab would shift sometimes wedging against the pedal so you cant push it. And, we have the service and support to help you purchase the right truck, including: I've been a member here for a little over a year and it seems more than a few us share an interest in ex-military trucks. M-939 Series 5-ton, 6x6 Trucks . Simply tell us what type of trucks you need and a fleet truck expert will reach out to you Find 6x6 Truck in Heavy Equipment | Find heavy equipment locally in Alberta. com for sale are available!Talk with suppliers directly to customize your desired product and ask for the lowest price, good discount, and shipping fees. Utility body trucks, rear mounts, and flat bed units are available. com | Ample Army truck supply from 30+ countries of all major brands, such as Mercedes Benz, MAN and DAF in various models Over 100,000 ads of well-known suppliers online Contact advertiser directly | Trucksnl. The dump truck is an extremely versatile machine. Dump Trucks Work Hard. Power: 326hp (240kW); 1300Nm @ 1600rpm The Sportsman 6x6 570 features 6x6 AWD for ultimate traction, the industry’s largest cargo system, an industry leading 6. Get more in-depth insight with MAN TGS 33. And, if they do go down, Autocar trucks get back to work faster. They are controlled by electric, gas, or whatever the case for fuel, more often than not a battery, and are definitely a lot of fun. 5 million plus value yacht for winter storage. Nationwide old truck classifieds. International CV Series Class 4, 5 Trucks. The Mercedes-Benz G63 6x6 Is Totally Sold Out. Ballislife 536,921 views. 1000's of 6x6 Trucks available on TruckWorld in Australia 6x6 5 Ton Military M813A1 truck for sale Operates Manual Tires and Spare Good Condition. It's Uptime, and we deliver solutions to help customers succeed. Fewer repairs on the job – thanks to protective equipment. The M917 series truck has a 75,000 LB GVWR and a Hydraulic Dump Box that can haul up to 20 cu yd of material. Here is the complete list of the used Terberg trucks for sale. Truck Yeah The trucks are good! We'd long suspected the 6x6 was the result of "bring your kid to work day" at one of Mercedes' design shops, TECHNICAL MANUAL UNIT MAINTENANCE 5-TON, 6X6, M809 SERIES TRUCKS Do not work under vehicle that is supported by jack only. We had to strike a balance between rides built for Balkan warlords and the T880, The Ultimate Work Truck Kenworth trucks are still custom-built from the ground up to match your specifications, your loads and your lifestyle. Looks like the one on The Walking Dead! A M923A2 5-Ton, 6x6, Cargo Truck with a 14ft Dropside Cargo Body. Hope my description is understandable enough :-) Wish you fun with the game! [red]Wichtig! Nach Spielneustart bitte eine geliftete Achse vor dem losfahren einmal senken und wieder The Cabin Pysics for all trucks are softer. The M939 truck was introduced in 1983, a Product Improvement Package upgrade of the M-809 series of 5-ton, 6x6 trucks. axles of the truck, as well as the trailer axles to reduce turning radii and tire wear. 6x6 is serious overkill for normal off road work. Unlike four-wheel drive drivetrains, the configuration is largely confined to Six-by-six conversions of four-wheel drive trucks are made, such as the  10 Jun 2016 When driving in hard off-road conditions the modified 4x4 vehicle is amazing. It is a 6x6 with a 2-speed transfer case so have all your 4X4 friends over for a litttle truck pull! There are a few 6x6 trucks over here and they work very well in the snow, so a 6x6 38" truck should outperform a 4x4 44" truck. You’ll be surprised how far some of the badass trucks will go to do this for drivers these days. View our entire inventory of New Or Used Truck, Narrow down your search by make, model, or category. If you print this Thing and display it in public proudly give attribution by printing and displaying this tag. You can buy and sell Cargo Trucks from any all manufacturers, including brands such as Ford, Freightliner, International, WorkHorse. so the axles will work together better than if they are independently leaf sprung like some older Military vehicles for sale. They are offered for you on our website. Ed Holbrook has steadily made improvements to it over the years, making it into the ultimate elk hunting jeep. New hydraulic head o-rings, new fuel tank sending unit. They get more work done because they’re built for maximum uptime. Dodge Trucks are longer built, as the powers to be at what was Chrysler Group LLC in 2010 dropped the name Dodge from the Ram and the trucks are now just sold under the name Ram. A wide variety of 6x6 trucks mercedes options are available to you, such as 8x4, 4x2, and 6x6. 8. We have 68 Military Trucks for sale or lease at Tradequip. The units with missions which require them to have that capability have such vehicles. 1 The truck is nice but I found out that there is no differential delivering power from the front rear axle to the rear rear axle and idk how to fix it but I just wanted to let you know so you could fix it. This thing looks more like Christian Bale would get it from Morgan Freeman in The Dark Knight. lol I do agree buying some axial parts and building my own would have probably been a lot easier and turned out better in the long run. 56t machine can provide 224kW or 300 horse power for the articulated dump truck. did work sessions with different groups—HR, IT, Accounting—to identify how they work, what they have today and what they would change. They work now after hours of my hard work. 12 May 2016 Need a stout go-anywhere truck for off-road work, and for not a lot of money? into bins tied to a flatbed trailer pulled by a 6x6 tractor, an M931. 5 ton trucks for sale. • Do not exceed seating capacity: 3 occupants. 1998 Altec FL80 6x6. Having repaired 100's of these trucks let our expertise help you get your 6x6 back in top operating condition. I am looking for some pictures of different trucks that have been built on the army 6x6's. We can assist with all repairs by supplying individual parts to larger major components such as transfer cases, axles, etc. Again, it is a loooong time ago, I made my last studio video. I am trying to find info but my brother use to own a polaris bigboss (2stroke 6x6) and it was a MONSTER. Learn More GovDeals is the place to bid on government surplus and unclaimed property including heavy equipment, cars, trucks, buses, airplanes, and so much more. zip MTVR - Military convoy Truck(s)! Included in this pack are: 1) Cargo MTVR 6x6 truck 2) Cab/chassis semi MTVR 6x6 truck 3) Dumpbed MTVR 6x6 truck My goal for these trucks was to have some more convoy type vehicles that could do pretty much anything. This powertrain makes them extremely popular. 0 Comments . Trying to get the most comfortable FS 2019 truck you should download Farming Simulator 19 trucks mods. Our engineers work to bring you the most fuel-efficient, reliable semi trucks for sale. Surplus City Military 6x6 2-1/2 Ton Trucks There are trucks and then there are beasts. M35 Series 2. We've put about 5,000 miles on it since we purchased it. What do you mean by 6x2 or 6x4 or 6x6 when it comes to chassis? Some trucks are set up in a 6x2 configuration, where there is only one drive axle, and the other axle is a dead axle (often one I have 15 each M939 series 5 ton trucks for sale. 7 Aug 2019 Find of the Week: 1997 Land Rover Defender 6x6. I have heard the same thing about the newer polaris machines. Something that can tow a heavy skidsteer, CTL, and a excavator in the 9 ton range. fix, cut the hole through ive driven a few 5 tons in the fire service. The trucks have been retired, and Acela buys them from the Department of Defense. Bronny James ICES The Game w/ BIG DUNK!! LeBron Goes CRAZY For Gabe Cupps!! Heated Semi-Finals! - Duration: 13:21. Engine: 7. Lifted Trucks Big Trucks Trophy Truck 4x4 Off Road Off Roaders Diesel Trucks Expedition Vehicle Custom Trucks Road Racing This brutal race is nirvana for hard-core rock-crawling enthusiasts. they can be found in NATO (Desert) > cars NATO (Woodland) > cars NATO (Arid) > cars in th We can add or do anything to these trucks one might desire! Custom paint, bed-liner, cargo covers, led lights, hard tops, troop seats, tool kits, wheels & tires, offroad lights and maintenance services. Medium-Duty Trucks, Classes 4 - 6, 14,001 to 26,000 GVW. That's not to say the extraordinary factory-built off-roader started the 6x6 trend, but it certainly  Technical data: Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks: The Zetros. I had wanted to buy the truck from Matt Picaro back in 2008-2009, but I didn't have the funds, or a place to keep it inside. 5 Ton M1081 M1079 FMTV/ LMTV 5 Ton M1085 LWB Cargo M1088 5th Wheel M1083 STD Cargo M1090 Dump HET -Heavy Equipment Transport M1070 M911 HMMWV M998 HMMWV M1035 HMMWV M1046 HMMWV M1123 HMMWV M966 HMMWV M996 HMMWV Reo did build a 10 ton 6x6 aircraft salvage wrecker for the Navy, with equipment similar to the C-2. Our truck is the van version of the LMTV—designated the M1079—and  16 Feb 2018 Acela's Monterra 4x4 and 6x6 cab-over-engine trucks are from the U. • Do not allow operation on public roads (unless designated for off-highway vehicle access) - collisions with cars and trucks can occur. is issuing a safety recall of five of its trucks and SUVs for a potential lack of a seat restraint. Judged for criteria including durability, quality, servicing, maintenance and life cycle costs, the F-550 Super Duty chassis cab has taken the trophy for 2019. The HSP slipper clutch set up has arrived and it looks like it will do the job nicely with the Sakura gears. View thousands of dealer and private antique, collectors, classic cars and old trucks for sale listings. It doesn't particularly matter what it is—wheels, lift, length, silly graphics—the more there is What can you do with a 6x6? Climb Mount Kanchenjunga single handed? Most people would be happy enough with a good tough, reliable 4x4. It's built to do the job, and do it well. 2-litre OM926LA 6-cylinder turbo‑diesel with SCR. Some companies are no longer in business, but we still list these companies to provide an archive of excising conversions. Air Engaged 6X6, when disengaged it’s 4X6 10 Speed Manual Spicer Transmission with a new throwout bearing, clutch, and pilot bushing I just did all the fluid changes will be good for another 4 years Air Assisted brakes so no CDL required to drive it on the street and yes you can register it for on the street driving it’s fully legal Used Cargo Trucks for sale. Designed with enhanced strength and stability for higher crane loads, as well as numerous configuration possibilities, our Dominator® mechanics trucks deliver raw power, flexibility, and work-saving features that competitors can’t come close to. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Hope my description is understandable enough :-) Wish you fun with the game! [red]Wichtig! Nach Spielneustart bitte eine geliftete Achse vor dem losfahren einmal senken und wieder The new 2017 IRS Tax Cuts and Jobs Act allows qualifying businesses that invest in new equipment to potentially write-off up to the entire purchase cost of one or more business vehicles on their 2018 IRS tax returns. Class B CDL vehicles commonly include dump trucks, fire trucks and garbage trucks. Mining support vehicle, drill rig, off-road elevated work platform, super spreader Our fleet consist out of 6x6 water trucks, fitted with a 4000 gallon tank, and front, side and rear sprayers so that we are capable to do any job at any location. This truck has a Hard Top, Cab Heater, 6-Wheel Drive and a tag axle for hauling serious heavy material! These trucks are awesome for both on and off-road use. But that’s nothing compared to the custom, 6x6, carbon fiber juggernaut EXY Monster X. It will also prevent the front from lifting much when accelerating, so maybe thats why it has better steering. Trucks and Parts for Sale at TruckHelp! Here at TruckHelp we are committed to your satisfaction, whether it's truck parts or semi trucks, our job is to make sure you have the right tools to find the right one! Browse through our popular truck makes or find a truck part you need with ease! Land Rover 6x6 Recovery Truck! I'll admit I didn't do any tuning, so it could most definitely work with less weight. See prices, photos and find dealers near you. You're currently browsing the Volvo Trucks global site. Specifications. 1994 Stewart Stevenson Military M1090 MTV 6x6 5 Ton Dump Truck - Turn Key 100% Ready To Go Work Or Play We can add or do anything to these trucks one might The king version of the Mercedes-Benz Zetros range is the Zetros 3643 AS 6×6 with a total weight of 116 tons and ready to work in any type of terrain. These trucks are not in any of the books, but are shown in a 1945 Reo Annual Report I have, plus I have photos of survivors. Bobbed Trucks Bobbed Deuce Bobbed 5 Ton Commercial Trucks Construction Equipment CUCV M1008 M1009 M1031 Farm & Tractor FMTV/ LMTV 2. Whilst the history of the military Perentie 6x6 is fairly well know, the history of the Civilian 6x6 is somewhat clouded, and often forgotten. 6*6 is an extended version of 4*4 mainly for all-terrain vehicles and armoured vehicles. All Mechanics Trucks from Knapheide feature a crane to perform the lifting, heavy duty mechanics drawers for organized tool storage and ample and secure storage within the side compartments. trust to have all your Custom/Bespoke Automotive Conversion works completed. We had 2 mil-surplus 5-ton trucks working this fire as tankers, and the ground was pretty soft. Volvo VAH series. enthusiasts who do their off roading in 6WDs and bigger trucks and what not,  Jeremy and Eliza transform the Tacoma and show how to get more axle for your money . MTVR. The 2017 Ford Raptor has not yet reached the dealerships, but guys at Hennessey Performance (HPE) in Sealy, TX are already hard at work taking the new Hennessey Velociraptor 6×6 concept 600+ hp. Most of the large 6x6 trucks like my Federals had a 24" steering wheel, but the C2's were equipped with air assist steering and only had a 20" wheel. In our military division, we specialize in rugged 2. 8 Apr 2019 Strategic partnership between Acela Truck Company and General Truck Body leads to 6x6 high water flood rescue vehicle for fire departments. Heavy Duty Trucks (16) that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society Put it to work. Vehicles that require a class B CDL are single vehicles with a maximum GVWR of 26,000 pounds and are not towing trailers in excess of 10,000 lbs. The M809 series was a diesel engine upgrade to the M39 series of 5-ton 6x6 truck and had no engine or transmission upgrades throughout its service li And it looks just slightly menacing enough for the well-heeled non-climbers of ladders for a living for whom an F-Series or jacked up Ranger doesn’t quite do it. must be inflated or deflated based on the conditions. Closest is a pink Jeep Willys with extra fuel for the thirsty trucks. I want to go up to the artic and Alaska, and also do a lot of off roading around here locally at Farmingtom, Moab, Teluride, and maybe a trip out to Glamis. Designed for use by the Russian military, Trecol are now selling these zombie-crunchers to civilians who find themselves needing an amphibious, six-wheel-drive hell-mobile. Flightline Crash/Rescue trucks are often 6x6. Sort by lot #, time remaining, manufacturer, model, year, VIN, and location. 460 6x6 manufactured in 2019 - 2019. You get to keep standard track width (vs a dually) and you can run standard tires(vs huge and expensive super singles like what earth roamers use). This Army 6x6 Deuce and half Truck Runs and Drives Incredibly Well and very Road Worthy Can be Driven Anywhere Real fun truck for Hay Rides, Excellent Snow Plow Truck, and Awesome Work Horse This 6x6 Deuce and Half Diesel Truck will take anything you can throw at it and just keep going with a huge smile Do you know what the second biggest vehicle is after combines? If you’ve guessed about FS 19 trucks you’re right! Trucks are massive vehicles which is must for every farmer because transportation is as same important as farming itself. 6x6, double bucket, material handlers, elevator units, boom trucks with platforms and telescoping sign crane units are available upon request. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Set on high priority, do not use other physic, economy or police mods with higher priority if you want to use my settings. 2320-01-206-4087   4 Oct 2017 In other words, they're designed to last a long time while working hard. You mean they don’t? Then what is this? The PLS (Palletized Load System) truck’s serve a niche role - to hoist and haul containers, milvans, and cargo skids. The specially modified G-class now starts at €456,900 for the 2015 model year, or approximately International 7400 Work Star 6x6 Equipment For Sale: 0 Equipment Near You - Find International 7400 Work Star 6x6 Equipment on Equipment Trader. At 9:00 the trucks line up for photo shooting. Designed By BAE Systems for anti-personnel mine, grenade, fire bomb and small arms fire protection, classified as MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) Armored body, armored glass with integrated gun ports, rage cage window protector screens. Let us build one for you. Take an already wicked 2018 Ford F-150 Raptor and stretch it out with a Note: We have vehicle inventory across western Canada, however if we are out of stock on the model you require, we can have cross-border access to additional inventory and can have it shipped into Canada, and delivered to your door within 10 days of full payment. Do I want to buy one? You could argue long and hard about the merits or otherwise of the G63 AMG 6x6. Search for dump trucks, pickup trucks, box trucks, trailers and more commercial and utility trucks. The fabled "Nun-Nun," made in Nazareth until the 1980s, were developed into the Abir. New & Used 6x6 Truck sales. The 14x24 Rock service tires are plenty spendy and are almost special order Certified and Work Ready Bucket Trucks For Sale! Quality Used Bucket. 6x6 e maxx? how to do center diff If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. M809 Series 5 Ton 6X6 Truck. Why? Because size matters; because you never know when you might need to bug out; and because more The 6×6 Arctic Trucks have been doing extreamly well in Antarctica, where conditions can be really difficult! It‘s almost unstoppable and is a seriously powerful machine. Post your truck for sale at Commercial Truck Trader. now resist the urge to just make these ubolts fit. Old Trucks for Sale Online: Old Trucks Classified Ads - old trucks classifieds listing, collector cars for sale, and antique cars for sale. When building a 6×6 Arctic Truck almost all parts of the original vehicle are removed. It has two rear output shafts running to 1 centered axle and 1 offset axle. 2016 Six Door "6X6" F 450 - 550 Trucks. Or, at the top of the Duece forum there are "sticky'" with the Duece manuals. Daimler’s new 6x6 workstations are setup in an L-shaped with an AutoStrada ® technology did work sessions with different groups—HR, IT, Accounting—to identify how they work, what they have today and what they would change. 6x6 army military trucks, equipped for bug out situations, natural disasters, civil unrest, and heavy-duty ruggedness of these ex-military rigs to get the job done. See detailed specifications and technical data for MAN TGS 33. Find 6x6 Truck in Heavy Trucks | Find heavy trucks for sale locally in Alberta : Chevy, GMC, Volvo, Peterbilt, Freightliner and more as big and heavy means powerful and roomy. Here we list the various companies which do convert vehicles into 6-wheel vehicles, using a 6x6 or 6x4 drive formula. It can comfortably accommodate three adults and features “profiled” corners to improve entrance / exit of the cab as well as a sturdy vinyl cover for improved wear resistance. No title, bill of sale only. Parts availability is the least of your problems. It will be offered in a three-axle cab-behind-engine truck C&C Equipment has been selling used civilian heavy equipment, military surplus trucks and ex-military construction equipment since 2004. The Williams brake modulates automatically because it works harder at higher engine RPM's. Army’s Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles, or FMTVs, which claimed reliability of more than 95 percent, according to David Rosen, Acela’s president. BC, re your orriginal question of 6X6's in mud, we had a decent little brush fire up here in Maine last weekend, and the ground is nice and wet right now (it pulled my leather bunker boot off on a lawn yesterday). nl you will find military vehicles of all brands, from Volvo to DAF. AM General M929 5-ton, 6x6 , Dump Truck - govdeals. Shop our on-line inventory to find the used and refurbished equipment you're looking for! army tm 9-2320-272-10 air force to 36a12-1c-441 technical manual operator’s manual for truck, 5-ton, 6x6, m939, m939a1, and m939a2 series trucks (diesel) How can i adjust the brakes on a 5 ton cargo truck 6x6? So someone in the battalion we relieved drove the 5 ton with the parking brake on for the whole day. Our department is getting 2 5 ton 6x6 semi tractors from the Forestry service. Forklifts, excavators, tractors, backhoes, skid steers and more as heavy does not mean unmanageable. Build and price yours today. We're just as passionate about TATRA Trucks as we are helping you. John Hennessey’s idea was to go long. When Daimler Trucks North America decided to invest in a new headquarters for their design and engineering hub in Portland, Oregon, they wanted to take the opportunity to provide not only an attractive, useful space for their employees to work, but also improve productivity and company culture. Measured up and modeled the parts needed to use a combined truck for the 6x6 WPL trucks. In researching the most fearsome pickups and utility vehicles around, we found trucks that would be just as comfortable going to war as tackling a climb for a ski trip. Ive been looking for a heavy duty landscaping truck. Planet-Trucks. Search, Buy & Sell New & Used 6x6 Trucks online. Dozens of new ex-army vehicles in our database daily. Oh, and should we mention it again: the Velociraptor is a 6X6, meaning not only does it have six wheels, it also possesses six-wheel drive! More Power While these upgrades will certainly capture the attention of any onlookers, Hennessey is best known for its work under the hood. Manufacturer: Altec Altec D4060-TR, 30,000 Lb Digger Derrick s/n 0698CK0129, with 60' sheave height, 3 section hyd boom, 2 spd digger, heel winch, pole grabs, riding console, 4 hyd outriggers & hydraulic driven rock hammer auger. It was very reliable in stock form. First Dodge Trucks in World War Two This page updated on 2-12-2019. 5 Ton Trucks M35A2 Series M35A3 Series M109A4 M109 M36A2 M185A3 M43 3/4 Ton M43 3/4 Ton M715 1 1/4 Ton M725 Ambulance M809 Series 5 Ton Trucks M813 M816 M818 M817 M814 M812 M820 M819 M915, M916, M920 Series M915 M916 M916A1 M916A2 M916A3 M920 Find 6x6 truck ads in the South Africa Trucks & Machinery section | Search Gumtree free online classified ads for 6x6 truck and more in South Africa Trucks & Machinery This unique build started life as a rare DJ-6 (not many of those were made and even fewer are left). Make/Model: Mercedes-Benz Zetros 4x4 and 6x6. fuel tank, and an integrated passenger seat system to bring along a helping hand while you tackle the biggest jobs around your home or property. as you can see, they will not fit around our high pinion 60 ford. Wanting to build 1000 gallon brush/tanker trucks. save and replace it Spawn dloader3 - Sing Cab 6x6 dloader4 - Crew Cab 6x6 INSTALLATION Replace 1. Shop our on-line inventory to find the used and refurbished equipment you're looking for! Return of the D15 6x6. 5 ton 6x6 trucks, Stewart & Stevenson trucks, military Humvees and the M800-M900 5 ton series units. Top left is an original and unmodified Dodge Weapon. com offers 120 6x6 trucks mercedes products. Folks are keen on knowing the newest news. Michels has a used 2007 Freightliner M2 6x6 Bucket Truck (G414) for sale. 6x6 (six by six) translates to a vehicle with 6 wheels powered by 6 wheels-so, its a 6WD (six wheel drive) 8x8 (eight by eight) translates to a vehicle with 8 wheels powered by 8 wheels-wow, its a 8WD (eight wheel drive) Even though 4WD and 4x4 are commonly used to indicate the same thing, a 4WD is not necessarily a 4x4. Every Autocar truck is built right the first time for the job it’s going to do. Very few civilians have had the chance to drive the massive Ashok Leyland Stallion used by the Army. Steam Workshop: Arma 3. Just because the job is demanding, doesn't mean the work has to be. Ford is not aware of any accidents or injuries associated with any of these conditions. Offered for sale at Tampa, Florida’s Mirabella Motors, this 6x6 is a blacked-out beast with some subtle red trim, Quality commercial semi trucks for sale, turn to Freightliner Trucks. Re: 6x6. International Trucks offers a complete lineup of trucks including the HX Series and LT Series. Models include M1088, M1078, and STARSHIP. com is a portal dedicated to truck classified ads and used truck (from spare parts to tractor-trailers) : trucks, tractor units, coaches, busses, semi RE: What is 6x6 on a Deuce, How does it work? Go to the "Resources" link at the top of this page and look at the TM's. potatocat 6x6 trucks of various kinds, and coconut chassis Clod Buster 1 point 2 points 3 points 2 months ago Verrrry nice. He then did a ton of work to it (big bore, exhaust, bigger carb, piston The Civilian 6x6. DON'T MISS: Mercedes-Benz Brings G63 AMG 6x6 To The Northeast. Tulsa Truck Manufacturing, TTM does all wheel drive vehicle conversions, heavy duty 4x4 and 6x6 transmission configurations, specializing in traction Diesel engines operate on what is called the diesel cycle which uses high compression to heat the fuel/air mixture to the point of combustion. Then come three 1953 Dodge Weapons all with Iceland made cabs. 7179979 Proper Use Warning (CREW) Require Proper Use of Your Vehicle Do your part to prevent injuries: • Do not allow careless or reckless driving. Search 100's of listings for new & used Military Trucks for sale rent or auction updated daily from 100's of dealers & private sellers. Equipped with a powerful Volvo engine, this A 25 E 6x6 21. On the outside, the International® WorkStar ® brings all the muscle to the roughest environments. Find the best used Pickup Trucks near you. We use cookies 1968 Deuce & Half - 2 1/2 Ton 6x6 with **Air Shift** Front Axle, Full Tarp, Bow's, and Troop Seats. However, im not 100% sure why and i do agree its kind of wierd. Hennessey Performance is offering a VelociRaptor 6x6 (yes, that's six wheels) concept vehicle of the 2017 Raptor 4-door truck, starting at $295,000. tire model may be expanded in future work to improve results. You don't run down the rode at 50mph at 10psi or in the dirt/mud/sand at 5mph at 40psi. These 5 ton Cargo Trucks were orginally designed to haul various cargo and trailers for our Military. If you are interested in any of the above used Terberg trucks for sale, click on the checkbox next to the advertisement and add it to your favourites or compare with other interesting offers. For sale 1980 Military AM General 6x6 Deuce and Half Year : 1980 The terrible news is the fact that it almost always uncovers work that should be done before the car can be registered. Lucky them, right? No, lucky me! Because I just one-upped them with this, the FAT 6x6. 3 Liter Cummins teamed with the smooth, reliable Allison Transmission. That's not as exotic as you might think. how do 6x6 trucks work

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